Sleep On It Night Face Oil

Sleep On It Night Face Oil

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I have been using Skin Boss since it was launched over a year ago and adore everything about this product. Kirsten the fabulous creator behind the business and the smell and feel of this oil that I use on my face each and every night.  I cleanse my face, then add oil and then moisturise on top of that as my nightly routine. Harper uses this oil too on eczema spots on her face – it’s hydrating and soothing before bed. You will LOVE it.

Lightweight yet easily absorbed, Sleep On It® is a powerful blend of natural plant based oils carefully selected for their ability to soothe and hydrate the skin.

Vitamin E, anti-oxidants and fatty acids keep skin looking youthful and feeling revitalised while the gentle infusion of Lavender and Chamomile essential oils help promote restful sleep.

Together this luxe blend of natural plant oils and calming essential oils combine to hydrate the skin and relax the mind, all while you drift off to sleep.

30mL/1.01 fl.oz BPA Free PET bottle with glass dropper