Zoco Candles - Coast
Zoco Candles - Coast
Zoco Candles - Coast

Zoco Candles - Coast

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These gorgeous candles are handcrafted and poured not far from my home in Robertson in the Southern Highlands by one of my best mates Zoe. She has worked hard over the years perfecting her art using the finest of ingredients including organic soy wax and lead free wicks and these latest releases showcase the best of what she does.

Our refreshing coastal fragrance of sea salt and lime with a touch of cucumber and orange zest. An invigorating seaside blend.

Made with care using the finest ingredients including our blend of coconut and soy wax and a lead free wick.

Burn time approximately 35 hours.

Keep your wick trimmed. Ideally burn for 3 hours each burn. Allow to cool before re-lighting.

Hand poured in Robertson, Southern Highlands NSW.