School Bud Vase
School Bud Vase
School Bud Vase

School Bud Vase

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When we first saw these vases we just absolutely fell in love them. The gorgeous shape and the unique patterns featured on each one make them a beautiful piece for your home. 

My take on beach decor. Years ago my Mum gave me a ceramic fish from Portugal. It was one of the first pieces of beach decor that I loved. This is my take on non-kitch, sea-themed, home decoration. 

This vase will go swimmingly in a seaside home or if you live far from the waves it may add a playful and wistful reminder of those sparkling days by the sea.

Our vases can be enjoyed with flowers or as an ornamental piece.

Porcelain, Clear glaze, and Original Erin Lightfoot decal print.
Dimensions:  H: 9cm W: 7.5cm D: 5cm

ERIN LIGHTFOOT creates jewellery and decorative homewares to be worn and enjoyed. Popular as gift items, her ceramics have grown a loyal following among those who enjoy the easy elegance of her earrings and distinctive patterning of her bangles and vases. 

Working with porcelain, Erin creates simple forms which are thoughtfully decorated with subtly-hued colour schemes and geometric pattern. 

Believing that objects should be both useful and beautiful, she places much value on design, selection of materials and the quality of craftsmanship through which everything comes together.