"Out Behind The Shed"
"Out Behind The Shed"
"Out Behind The Shed"
"Out Behind The Shed"

"Out Behind The Shed"

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 Latest piece from the wonderful artist, Melanie Lea.

45cm x 61cm
Acrylic on stretched canvas.
Hanger wire attached.
Varnish coat applied.

"Out Behind The Shed"

This artwork explores the hidden worlds that lay in the backyards of some clever growers - out behind their sheds.

* the painting will be sent to you directly from the artist Melanie Lea. We will be touch with tracking number as soon as she has sent it*


I was lucky enough to grow up in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, Queensland, where I had the freedom to escape both physically and emotionally into the trees, creeks and bushland around me. This early immersion in nature helped me to form a deep connection to the natural world which has inspired me to nurture my own block of land and start on a journey into permaculture. My gardens as well as others gardens give me so much joy have been the focus of my recent series of work. 

I haven’t always pursued art as my primary focus, completing a Bachelor of Social Work and Masters of Teaching and working in multiple roles within these industries. However the one thing that remained constant throughout this time was a constant pull toward painting and expressing myself through creativity. Over the years there have been times where I have tried to ignore this pull to paint which didn’t really work. It only resulted in feeling that I was moving further away from myself. Finally I could not ignore that fact that I am only the best version of myself when painting is a primary focus in my life and I am now so grateful to be painting and teaching art full time.

I just LOVE colour and am constantly amazed at just how powerful it can be as a tool for self reflection, lifting moods and generating deep thought. I rely heavily on the use of colour in my artworks and give great care and thought into the colour combinations I select for each canvas. I also adore creating landscapes and gardenscapes which are often inspired by everyday moments outside where I can find a glimmer of magic.