Golden Orb Blue
Golden Orb Blue

Golden Orb Blue

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“Oo I like these” said Erin as they came together. “I wanted to create something that was both classic and interesting. I am very happy that these achieve both simplicity and elegance with the layered colours and gold. They felt every so slightly Mayan so I thought I’d give them a grand name like Golden Orb”

Gold finished pieces are painted with 24k gold lustre. Porcelain + Sterling Silver + Under glaze + Gold Lustre.

We hand-paint the gold using the same technique used to decorate gold rimmed tea-cups. 

Porcelain featuring Erin Lightfoot pattern design and platinum or gold lustre detail.
Sterling silver hoops.
All earrings come packaged in gift boxes. Gift wrapping available.


ERIN LIGHTFOOT creates jewellery and decorative homewares to be worn and enjoyed. Popular as gift items, her ceramics have grown a loyal following among those who enjoy the easy elegance of her earrings and distinctive patterning of her bangles and vases. 

Working with porcelain, Erin creates simple forms which are thoughtfully decorated with subtly-hued colour schemes and geometric pattern. 

Believing that objects should be both useful and beautiful, she places much value on design, selection of materials and the quality of craftsmanship through which everything comes together.