F*ck Yeah: Three Pens by Calligraphuck

F*ck Yeah: Three Pens by Calligraphuck

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Make a mark with these fancy-ass pens perfect for writing shit down! This set includes three retractable ballpoint pens, each featuring a cheeky phrase ("F*ck Yeah," "Damn Right," "Hot Shit") printed on a gold-colored barrel for maximum bling. The pens are housed in a handy box with foil stamping lovely enough to leave on the desktop and compact enough to take on the go.

  • WRITE WITH STYLE AND SASS: The three high-quality pens in this set sport gold barrels and have saucy sayings ("F*ck Yeah," "Damn Right," and "Hot Shit") written in gorgeous calligraphy.
  • GREAT FOR GIFTING: Buy this pen set for all your friends, classmates, or colleagues. Makes a great stocking stuffer. You'll need one for yourself too, of course.
  • PROFANITY IS F*CKING PERENNIAL: Who doesn't love a good swear, especially when it's paired with elegant calligraphy?
  • INCLUDES: Three click-and-clip retractable ballpoint pens, medium point (1.0 mm), black ink.

About the Author

Linus Boman is a graphic designer and part-time comedian based in London. He is the founder of Calligraphuck letterpress cards, and has a number of sweary lifestyle products available through Chronicle Books.