The Joy of setting a table

Ever since I was a little girl I loved to pop a flower in a vase and put it in my room. Perhaps on my bedside table, or in the bathroom, a little flower just showed that you cared, and I always loved to see a bloom on show. Rightly so in full view for everyone to enjoy!

Not much has changed all these years later, nothing makes me happier than popping a bloom into a vase and even more so when I am setting the table for a meal for loved ones. There’s nothing I enjoy much more than setting the table for friends or family to sit and eat and enjoy around. I think it’s my favourite part of entertaining…where I can faff, match cloths to napkins to flowers, choose themes and just generally PLAY. This is my creative play!

Whether it’s outside in the garden, under the sunny winter sunshine, a table to eat at isn’t complete without some blooms in the centre I think.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, sometimes the simpler, the better.

You can have fun matching tablecloths and napkins to blooms…

Single stems down the centre (low enough that people can talk over)…Or grouped together in different colours or heights. I love a good “proper” linen napkin for anyone outside of our regular weeknight meals and anytime we have a visitor. I have way more than I care to admit.

And I do love to give a name tag so people know where to sit and there’s never an awkward stand around asking where you’d like them to go. Be bossy! And make sure you get interesting and fun people next to you.

Don’t forget lights. Lots of candles or fairy lights. There are lots of new battery operated lights than ever before so use them amongst some simple foliage for a lovely effect. Don’t be afraid to just use leaves and branches without blooms…they are just as beautiful. And free! And abundant.

How about a little gift for your guests? A candle. A little jar of honey or homegrown goodness is always such a lovely touch and keepsake for your visitors.

Remember that it doesn’t just have to be pretty flowers…herbs are also a gorgeous centrepiece. And the quicksale bucket of flowers at the fruit shop always have some bargains.

Go with the seasons! And go crazy on the big ticket items of the year like Christmas and Easter.